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art_of_debate's Journal

A journey into argument and discourse
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I created this community to provide a place where my friends and other interested parties can come to have good intellectual debate. It is an experiment in the arts of debate. I do not believe that there is any subject that is taboo. The open, friendly, polite discussion of positions on any number of issues is the modus operandi.

Please, try to take a moment and think about your responses if you are offended. I will boot people that are continuously here to make inflammatory comments that are not contributory to the debate. (Yes, I realize that is up to me and quite arbitrary. Don't like it? Make your own community.)

Do keep in mind however, that if you post something here, people will be invited to comment on it and critique your position. If you are not open to criticism, the Art of Debate is not for you. I created this community to encourage the exchange of ideas and opposing points of view that allow me to grow and evolve as a person.

That said, let the games begin.