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This Birthing Business

Sorry it took me so long. I was away, and then I was overtaken by GI evils...

But here we are.

I have already spoken with LIndil about this a little bit, but I will restate here. I feel as though this lady was speaking from a position of personal pain and victimization and that she wasn't focusing too much on the available facts. I also feel as though she was contradicting herself greatly here. She begins by saying that she read widely about babies and giving birth, and then she is "surprised" by finding out everything from her doctor. I find that to be a bit incongruous. Granted, it is possible that she was reading the wrong things, but that is not the impression that she gave. However, I have a few striking points that I really got under my bonnett. I am not an obstetrics expert, so my opinions are based only on my own wayward experiences.

**"Babies from women given epidurals are more likely to b/c drug addicts, have learning disabilities, and violent behavior in 90% of cases? That is quite a serious claim. I would love to see a few more details on this kind of study, but it sounds like a crock of shit to me. Are they suggesting that epidural administration is directly associated with making someone more likely to be an addict? Opiods make you more agressive? And how the hell would it get to the baby from the mother's cerebrospinal fluid?

**Women are being born with pelvises that are too small? On the one hand, she claims that birth is a completely natural process. That people have been doing this naturally on their own, with no interference for centuries, and therefore the small pelvises are a ridiculous. Okay. Well, once we start adding in a lot of medical intervention and allowing children to grow up who may or may not have been reproductively viable we screw up that entire process. We can no longer claim that natural will find a way when we are saving premature babies and minimally deformed babies. We have intervened in the completely natural process. You really can't start jumping on the "natural" bandwagon now.

**Post partum depression is directly associated with C-sections? I was under the impression that post partum depression was multifactorial, without a codified source. Hell, if we know that it is C sections, then there must have been VERY little post partum depression prior to C-sections. Furthermore, i am having difficulty understanding how/why this surgery is leading these women into depression. I will have to leave this one pretty much alone, as I don't have a good grasp of depression in general. But I am very curious as to what the correlation there is. Psychological causes, social causes maybe.....feeling like you didn't actually GIVE birth to your child...maybe. But I would like to see more of this study.

**"Doctors are given social sanction to do as they please." This is a total crock of shit. Doctors have a very firm responsibility to their clients. The fear of malpractice suits is extremely real for doctors throughout our country. Moreso than ANY other doctors, obstetricians, neurosurgeons, and anesthesiologists are sued to the extreme. Anything that goes wrong with your child, and people are VERY, VERY often sue the obstetrician. People die all the time under surgery and the anesthesiologists are sued for that. Anytime a doctor screws up, your name is dragged through the mud forwards and backwards, and even if you get your name cleared, you still show up on the list of people that have had a suit brought up against them. Bullshit that doctors get social sanction to do anything they please. The minute a doctor fucks up the media has a field day with that doctor talking about the trust the doctor misused and what not.

**While we are on the subject of doctors, what is this bullshit about the students coming in and palpating this woman? BULLSHIT! Everytime a student is brought in with a patient, your permission is asked for. They ask you before performing procedures AND they really have to be sure you are okay before they have a student palpating your cervix. All naked and sitting in stirrups, they are just going to run in some students? That doesn't sound like ANY teaching hospital that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

**40 weeks is average. I don't understand why it is that this particular woman's doctor's were complete jackasses, but one of the earliest things that we learn in medicine about gestation is that it is variable. Gestation is not an exact science even when we have the precise date and time of conception. Unless you keep accurate track of everytime you have a romp with your mate, then we don't know when that was. We are roughly guessing all the time. Gestation time is not absolutely specific and no one is going to have a hissy fit if you are a couple of days late or early. That is just bad medicine. Please refer to the above concerning her wide reading on the subject of pregnancy. Why didn't she catch this particular little tidbit?

**The doctors palpated her cervix and decided that she was having a breech birth. Then she later found out that it wasn't as serious as she thought. So, I understand that she was disappointed that things weren't as she thought, but if they thought she was in danger, then I think they went about that in the appropriate manner. What is she all pissy about? Should they have assumed that all was okay? Or should they have waited a little longer to be certain? Just long enough for it to be potentially too late to save her baby? Then we would have claimed too much interference again. Childbirth is a big deal. It has potential to be a problem and can be VERY dangerous. She had a problem and they did the best they could.

**On the third birth, she made her own choices and forced them to go ahead to settle her own mind. She made a choice. There were consequences. Deal with it. If you are not willing to deal with the consequences of your choices you should crawl back under that rock you came from and you DEFINATELY should not be having children.

Those are my biggest problems. There were more, but i have droned on long enough.
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