Evil Tepes (evilbobrex) wrote in art_of_debate,
Evil Tepes


there's been much said recently about when a person becomes a person.
many people have accepted, for some reason, that the line at which personhood is given is some time prior to, or directly after birth.
while this leads to a debate of faith or, as it is correctly called, the special olympics of the mind, I hope to avoid that aspect. this debate isn't about faith, it isn't really about anything happening near birth. this is because humans are so far from being able to live independently at birth as to make the label "person" moot.

but at some point, a person is created.
not a human, a person. as defined within philosophy as one who is self aware and able to act as a self guided ethical agent.

personhood can't be said to be given to anyone younger than ten years of age. Even those children I've met who were amazingly mature, who were very well read, who were intelligent beyond their peers to a massive extent, have at some point, or some level, remained children. I feel this is because of this inability to be truly self conscious. not the, "they will never have it", inability. but the, "too soon in the development of the mind", inability.
there doesn't seem to be any sort of easily defined or computed measure for the combination of maturity, intelligence, and ability to think, all rolled into one which is needed for this level of understanding.
I worry about that too. but it might be a different topic.
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