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Why the christ-god? (re-post)

A fun discussion that came up on a friend's journal.  Re-posting  and x-posting to debate

The question here being:  "Why would people have chosen christianity?"

I had this very same conversation last night on a date following watching Beowulf (which I thought was great entertainment by the way). I have often thought to myself, "Why the hell would anyone choose christianity?" There you are with your pagan gods, spirits, magical creatures and what-not, enjoying your orgy rituals, cannibalism, multiple wives, raping and pillaging, coveting like a mofo, etc, etc, you know..the good stuff...and here comes these ya-hoos with this christian nonesense? I would tell them where to stick their holier than thou attitude and get back to my orgy-feast.

Here are my conclusions. While the multiple gods and other things were all great, the promise of heaven and eternal salvation was not promised to the common man. Sure, kings and heroes had a guaranteed spot in Valhalla/Elysian Fields/Happy Hunting Grounds/etc, etc, but what about the common Joe? IF you got to the afterlife, you probably had an eternity as someone else's serf or servant. yippie...

But ho-ho! Christ offers EVERY MAN the promise of heaven. A kingdom of his own and all the trappings that your lowly serf can only dream of with wistful imaginings. This is a promise that they can reach for, they can actually have that one. Who wants the trouble of actually having to be brave or stand up for something? Psst! Or even have responsibilities and lead others? Fuck that! I just have to remember oneset of holy days, one god's taboos, one set of names, and all i have to do is give up the other gods? Sign me up Christ-o! Oh wait! You are gonna sweeten the pot? The more I suffer here the more I will be rewarded later? Awesome!

As the commoners were swept into the arms of this new fad, the leaders had to switch to maintain control. Yes, they had the big guns, but you maintain control through a variety of means, and as Napoleon said "Religion is what ensures that the poor do not eat the rich." (or something akin to it) So, then the leaders take up this religion. When the first few take up this new fad and realize that they can keep whoring, drinking, and murdering, but now in the name of this christ dude, then party-on. Same shit, different day.

That is my best guess. And yeah, they have to sit in the ground and wait, but what was the alternative? They would still be dead, right? *shrug* If you are gonna buy all this christ crap, then why the hell not? Besides, they probably thought the second coming would be relatively soon. The first one only took 3 days, right? *wink*
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