Keely Reine (silvrdragn) wrote in art_of_debate,
Keely Reine

from a friend's journal

A homophobic U.K. couple is losing custody of a kid for not signing an agreement to not teach them discrimination. OK, that's a lot of negatives. Basically, they're not a fan of the gays, but they aren't exactly Fred Phelps, either. The scary thing is that so many responders are agreeing with this -- what about free speech? When I first saw a confusing headline on the Advocate site, I thought a gay couple had lost custody of a kid and was upset. Why would I think it was a good thing just because it was flipped around? Isn't part of the argument for gay adoption/foster parents (aside from discrimination being wrong) that it's better for kids to be in a real home rather than in a group home? How could we even begin to take kids out of homes where parents scare us? That's about 50 percent of America, give or take. Take 'em away from those homophobe moms and dads! That'll prove to 'em we're not evil!
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