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Legal Jurisdiction

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Look...I am not saying that sex with children is something that I think is ok.  (Actually, it falls into the few taboos that I do actually have), but I think that our government goes too far to protect their ideas of morality.

Link to article:

So, this dude allegedly went to Cambodia to have sex with minors.  I don't know any more than you do if this actually occurred, but I am pissed off at the very IDEA of the Protect Act of 2003, part of which apparently allows you to be prosecuted in the US for committing pedophilia OUTSIDE of the US and its territories.  WTF?  I know they want to try to curb this so-called "sex tourism" trade going on in foreign lands (most often Asia..go figure.  Does no one want to fuck young white kids?  **yes, bad joke, I know** In any event not my kink...and not one that i think is appropriate in any event.)

Not only do I have an ENORMOUS issue with the burden of proof that they are going to have to provide to show that this man actually did what they claim, but that is really none of their business.  It is another example of American arrogance that we are going to hold you accountable for our laws anywhere on the planet.  

I call SHENANNIGANS!!!!!!!!  More of this highbrow opinion that US morals are somehow superior to those of other countries and that we can go around with this "thou shalt not" behavior is mind boggling.  It starts here with pedophilia, but what else are they going to decide is a no-no to do outside of the country?  I don't smoke the marijuana, not because I am morally opposed to it, but b/c there are laws against it, and I want to keep my license.  But were I at the summer house in Kingston, and some people wanted to light up, then why the hell not?  If I go to Asia, and want to carouse in an opium den to chase the dragon for a few days, then that is MY FUCKING BUSINESS.  I find great irony in how non-republican our republicans have become.

I would invite some discussion on this subject (even the morality of sex with minors).  My 2 cents, and my general comment on sex over all is any event or series of events among any number of consenting adults that does not involve permanent scars or water sports.  But that is just me.  I am very open minded about the scar (personal issue with scars) or water sports.  To each their own, but I believe the CONSENTING ADULT issue is pretty important.  When is one considered an adult?  Yeah, that is a tricky issue, and I agree with that.  But, I believe that in general people that seek out sex with minors are NOT looking on them as little adults.

Talk amongst yourselves....I am getting some coffee...
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