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Education: part the first!

As I seem to be fostering a growing interest in education reform, I thought I'd post up some general questions in that area to spark discussion.  Also to bait Josh and Fred specificaly as I know from previous discourse that we all have vastly differing (strong) oppinions on the subject. ;-)

Question 1:
In the the glowing, butterfly-filled, rainbow coated, cyborg-inhabited metropolis of the future, would you prefer to send your burgeoning children and their delectable little minds to a public, government-funded school where they may mingle with a great diversity of folk, or would you seek out the "smaller class sizes" of the private institution?  Or would you opt to teach your children from the comfort of your tall armchair, surrounded by the vast shelves of your own private library.   What benefits do you see your children potentialy drawing from each institutional situation?  Which do you feel will better prepare them for university and other "higher education," and/or for their entry into "adult life?"

Some of my oppinions on the issue have already been made known.  Others I shall explore at a later date.
(Equilibrium icon because he's so cute, and I fear this may get ruthless ;-)
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